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Join thousands already crowdfunding their dreams. There is no application process here, so you can get started today. You can crowdfund anything on this platform, including:

Television Projects

Film Projects

Video Games

School Sports Program Fundraising,

Sports Teams,


Fitness Products, 

and many other different kinds projects. 

Kick your project into gear and achieve your goals with A KickIn Crowd.



Why A KickIn Crowd?

Contribute and Fund Your Dreams

"Kick in" means to pitch in, or all get together and help towards a common goal. A KickIn Crowd gives your dream a place to thrive. This platform helps you gather the funds you need to achieve your goals.


Supported by a Highly Capable Team

A KickIn Crowd  has assembled a highly capable team to guide A KickIn Crowd through it's infancy. It is our mission and our passion to see you get your dreams funded!



A KickIn Crowd


A KickIn Crowd is located at 1275 Kinnear Road in the Tech Columbus Building on The Ohio State University West campus.











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