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Help the West Mansfield Baseball Association

Please help give whatever you can. Credit Card Hackers stole the kids money. We need you now!

   Baseball West Mansfield, Ohio






Help the West Mansfi

Please help give whatever you can. Credit Card Hackers stole the kids

West Mansfield,USA 


Date : 19 Jun,2013

Youth Baseball Association Falls Victim To Credit Card Skimmers

You may have heard our story on TV on Monday, June 17, 2013. We were victims of Credit Card Skimmers, which the U.S. Secret Service investigates.

While they are investigating, the accounts are frozen and the kids have no money.

Here are some of the facts:

  • We have no funds at the moment

  • We need to pay for uniforms for the children

  • We are still being hit by fees from the scammers


Here is an excerpt from the news story:

The families of the West Mansfield Ball Association work hard to raise money for the team.

It was upsetting to many to learn that a scammer skimmed the league of hundreds of dollars.

The bank was the first to notice the out-of-state charges.

“There was New York and Florida. Just some crazy charges,” said Jen Frazier of the ball association. “Two-hundred dollars at a CVS, just places like that. And that’s when the bank let us know that. They knew right away that it was odd for our bank account.”

The U.S. Secret Service says skimming is the most significant problem facing the credit card industry.

Credit card skimming devices are often placed on ATMs, gas pumps or used by employees of a restaurant or store.

No one is certain how the baseball league’s credit card number was hacked, but at least a half dozen other people in West Mansfield told the sheriff that their bank accounts were compromised, too.

For now, their account is frozen, meaning that they cannot pay for uniforms.

Please give anything you can!  And most of all, thank you for your caring generousity!


  • 21 Jun,2013

    Our bank has unfrozen our account and we are closing the account and going to withdrawal the remainder. Tony these scammers have consumed so many in our little village!!! Our local sheriffs office is investigating.

    The bank said it would take up to 2 months before we will receive our 400$ back. So no we still cant pay for our uniforms yet.

    Im so appreciative of everyones generosity of donations. (Tony and A KickIn Crowd ed) Its beyond words what you have founded and how you reach out to people.
Karen Reynolds
20 Jul,2013
$ 10
AKickIn Crowd
20 Jun,2013
$ 10